Sound Works

And They’d Pass Through London Fields (2015) 3 short excerpts of a large scale moving composition for the London Fields area.

Composed for Kaffe Matthews’ Sonic Bicycles. Bikes equipped with speakers, a raspberry Pi, and GPS system take the rider on a psychogeographical journey through the London neighbourhood of Hackney. Acoustic instruments gently processed, field recordings, and the experiences, memories, and personal stories of residents interweave, enveloping the rider in memories from the past and at times, bleak hopes for the future.


Elephant Endangered (2014)  Two short stereo excerpts of a 19 minute 8-channel work.

This is an 8-speaker soundscape installation investigating community and gentrification in the neighbourhood of Elephant and Castle/Walworth in London.  This circular, 360 degree sound work encapsulates the buzzing London life that brushes up against the meditative silences found amongst the area’s quiet spaces, interspersed with voices of neighbours, friends, and longstanding residents.  Elephant and Castle has traditionally been a working-class area with more recent residents predominantly coming from Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America.  The neighbourhood has been subject to several contentious ‘regeneration’ schemes that have already caused the loss of 1100 socially rented homes of the Heygate Estate.  Tenants and leaseholders from the Aylesbury Estate, another local housing estate, are challenging local government to try to stop the loss of their homes.


je suis le ROI du monde (2014)

Is an interactive dance and sound piece created in collaboration with choreographer, Marlieke Burghouts.  Contact microphones are used to amplify sounds from the dancers which are then processed and granulated in real time.


This Is Not Southwark (2013) stereo rendering of a 5.1 surround work

This Is Not Southwark is a soundscape that captures the diverse sounds of the borough. Multiple environments, cultures and activities are interwoven into an immersive sonic map that the listener experiences in a 5.1 multi-channel diffusion.


Arrive (2013)

Arrive is a film by Ed Holdsworth that I created a new soundtrack for. These sounds originally lived life as guitar and percussion instruments that I heavily processed in to new sound worlds.


Understanding (2013)

Understanding is a piece of music comprised of guitar, clarinet, percussion, super 8 camera, piano, and rotary telephone spliced together using no effects or plugins except a timestretch that emulates a tape machine.  The idea was to be limited to similar techniques used by 50’s and 60’s tape musicians and musique concrete.


Music for One with Mari King and Neng Yu Live at Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway (2006)

In May and June 2006 I embarked on a collaborative sound and visual performance project with filmmaker Mari King and animator Neng Yu across northern Europe including several dates at the Whitechapel and South London Gallery. During the performance the sound and visuals unfolded live, simultaneously taking cues from each other. Improvised and prepared guitar mix with the digital, super 8 and animated sections of film to create a lush audio-visual tapestry. This is a film of the live performance at the Sound of Mu, Oslo, Norway.