Artist’s Statement

Sherry Ostapovitch is a sound artist whose work incorporates field recordings, unconventional guitar techniques, multi-channel sound installations, and intuitive compositions.

In a society that prioritises the visual over other senses, Sherry’s work encourages people to open their ears to their surroundings and to the “music” that is everywhere.  She magnifies the microsounds of our vicinities: capturing the sounds of the city – people, buildings, and the natural environment.  She predominantly records in areas she is resident of or has a connection to, highlighting the encroaching gentrification of previously affordable and working class neighbourhoods.  She explores how sound can so readily evoke memories and communicate ideas and emotions in such unique ways.

From 2000 to 2011 she was active producing instrumental guitar music under the name, Music for One.   Please visit for more about her sound engineering and educational work.