The summer I was invited to create a sound piece for Kaffe Matthews’ Sonic Bikes.  Here’s a description of my sonic bike, Echoes of Hackney:

With the face of Hackney so remarkably different from what it once was only 10 years ago, Echoes of Hackney takes the rider on a journey through the experiences, memories, and personal stories of people with longstanding connections to the area. Layers of voices, abstract sounds and recordings from the neighbourhood interweave, immersing the rider in fragments from the past and hopes for the future.

Bicrophonic Reserach Institute invites you to come ride

The Summer Pedalling Games

in London Fields park, near the Pub in the Park, E8 3PE Saturday & Sunday 5-6the September, 11:00-17:00h.  10 sonic bikes, 10 bicrophonic artists, 10 pieces.  FREE. ID/phone deposit required.